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Staying Active...

Most people have physical and social activities they enjoy and look forward to in life. I encourage you to engage in activities that are physical, social and/or that develop your skills, even if you're currently struggling. If you have physical injury or illness concerns, please check with your primary care doctor before you start.


Some ideas. . .

  • Host a get-together with friends

  • Walk or hike in nature or in the city

  • Practice meditation 

  • Practice martial arts

  • Join a gym, do weight training / classes

  • Learn a new sport

  • Cook a healthy meal 

  • Clean out closet and let go of useless items

  • Commit to AA, Al-Anon, or other 12-step meetings

  • Attend church or synagogue

  • Volunteer helping people in need

  • Take a class at a community college

  • Draw, paint, sculpt something

  • Enjoy your favorite essential oils

  • Build your photography skills and portfolio

  • Join a support group

  • Swim laps in a pool

  • Surf with a friend or take lessons

  • Create a garden with your favorite vegetables

  • Try out a local Meetup group that interests you

  • Call a friend and meet for coffee

  • Go see a great movie

  • Organize your closet

  • Play or learn a new game

  • Mentor a young person

  • Write poetry freestyle

  • Journal about what is on your mind

  • Check on your strong friend

  • Write a gratitude list