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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Do you experience unrelenting physical pain on a regular basis? Pain that has not been sufficiently explained by practitioners you've taken the time to see? Have you gone through countless rounds of physical therapy, acupuncture, and appointments with other healers - but you're STILL in pain? After you describe the pain and how it's presence continues to affect your life, does your doctor appear perplexed? Even frustrated? Doctors definitely want to help, so maybe the next thing they offered you is: 1) a prescription for a pain medicine you have not yet tried 2) a referral you to a pain psychologist 3) an appointment to come back in 6 weeks for a follow up visit.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like the current path you're on I feel your pain! If you feel trapped by pain, or if someone you know and care about is in this difficult situation, I would like to introduce you to Maria's Top 3 Most Effective Resources to approach this problem going forward! Let's start with Dr. Sarno's book:

1) The Mindbody Prescription, Healing the Body, Healing the Pain by John E. Sarno, MD. This is probably one of the original, and most influential books about healing chronic pain from a mindbody perspective. I invite you to read this short, information-packed book and check out the video below. This book can help you understand pain and how to heal it. According to Dr. Sarno chronic pain can be caused by stress and/or repressed (unconscious) emotions, such as rage and other emotions from childhood. He refers to these stress-induced syndromes as Tension Myositis Syndrome or (TMS).

TMS can include conditions such as migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders, tennis elbow, sciatica, myofascial pain syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome just to name a few! This little book could be $10 well spent toward your healing and recovery.

This video gives background on Dr. Sarno's numerous contributions for healing chronic pain:

2) Back in Control: A surgeon’s roadmap out of chronic pain After 30 years as a spine surgeon, and after healing from his own 15 year "abyss" in chronic pain Dr. David Hanscom wrote this book. He worked himself out of a job by helping his patients understand that their pain was not always due to a "structural" problem that can be fixed with surgery. He learned there was something else going on - that anxiety, anger and repressed emotions play a role in creating pain, similar to Dr. Sarno's conclusions. In response Dr. Hanscom created a website of resources including his "DOC" program as outlined here: Direct your Own Care. Also check out his podcast here at Back In Control Radio. More on him in the conclusion :)

Here is a intro video from David Hanscom discussing his work:

3) Nicole Sachs, LCSW - She's a force! Nicole Sachs is helping hundreds of chronic pain sufferers recover utilizing principles she learned directly from Dr. Sarno, as his patient! She healed her own chronic pain from spondylolisthesis which she was diagnosed with at 19 years old. After her experience she became a psychotherapist specializing in chronic pain. She created effective interventions and has a strong presence through a private Facebook group, her website, healing retreats, and online course. I have probably learned the most from her podcast and youtube videos where she offers a 4 part series outlining steps and where she encourage patients to "DO THE WORK".

Here is a youtube video of Nicole introducing herself:


Thankfully I do not have to "reinvent the wheel" to offer clients useful resources for resolving chronic pain. If you are suffering, and believe there is no hope for recovery, please explore the information above from the healing experts I have discovered and appreciated over the last three years.

Through my own healing journey I was honored to have spoken personally with Dr. Hanscom about my shoulder and upper back pain. His professional opinion, generosity, and well-written book are life changing. There are other practitioners and resources you can explore as well, such as as the work of Howard Schubiner MD and David Schechter MD.

Whatever you do. . . .


Sending you kindness, love and healing,

Maria T. McCoy, LMFT

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