Simple Goal Setting for 2020

It’s a new year (and decade) and there is lot you hope to accomplish. Are you feeling a little ”stumped” about how to create your plan for this year?

Goal setting can be overwhelming. Yet I believe YOU are your own best goal setting expert...and that getting started is sometimes the biggest, if not the only real challenge. Often all we need is time alone, paper, and a pen! Here’s how I did it for this year (using colored gel pens!):

1) I began with prayer and a BREATHING exercise (where I focused on the sensation of breathing for about 2-3 minutes) to calm the mind and nervous system.

2) I created a down-and-dirty TO-DO-LIST where I will update and cross things off daily.

I like to see even the minuscule things that I complete. This is an ongoing list.

3) I created list of specific personal and professional GOALS leaving plenty of room after each).

4) After each goal I wrote down WHY this is a goal.

5) I wrote down after each why HOW I will feel after achieving each goal.

How do you set your goals?

If you need help with your 2020 goals “whys” and “hows” try reaching out to a strong someone in your community or support system. Meet for coffee or lunch and ask for feedback or guidance. Or inspiration! Therapists can help you get unstuck as well.

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