Let Your Inner Child Speak

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Sometimes, our inner child still carries very strong emotions that never had a voice back in the day. There may have been no one there to listen, or connect with us in that way. This can take TIME and a lot of work to get to and process. But it can be done. . .

Once past emotions from the inner child are expressed, validated and accepted, the inner child (and adult!) can live in peace. What does your inner child want to express today? What does he/she need to be reassured of?

Once your inner child feels heard, validated and SAFE, what would he/she desire to create or innovate? What would he or she like to share with others? A drawing? A gift? A kind gesture? A bouquet of flowers? A story? A book? Quality time? A practical joke? A favorite game? A new way to organize something? Care for a sweet pet? A creative new way to style old clothes? Courage to try something new?

Listen to your inner child. After all, he or she holds your TRUTH and your best “magic” and authenticity.

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