Depression lets us know we are sad

or that something important is out of balance

in our body, mind, or spirit.


A holistic mindset includes the belief that the body and mind are intricately connected and have a natural intelligence and ability to heal when properly supported. My approach to therapy involves first identifying and addressing the "root cause(s)"of the distress you are currently experiencing, and creating a plan to address everything that is going on.


Here are some lifestyle interventions which are proven to enhance your wellness:

  • Coping differently or eliminating TOXIC STRESS (including certain problematic relationships!)

  • Targeted nutritional adjustments & supplements

  • Assessing/eliminating toxins in your environment (mold or other allergens)

  • Improving quality of your sleep

  • Involvement in your spiritual or faith practice

  • Being part of a community

  • Daily exercise

  • Meditation 

  • Time in nature 

  • Daily sunlight

  • Engaging in favorite hobbies