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Hi, I'm Maria!

You may be seeking therapy right now because your emotional well-being is being put to the test...especially in the midst of this difficult pandemic.

Whether you are a business person, a health care worker, a musician, or a stay-at-home parent this is a time when we need to make our healing journey (and self-care) a priority like never before.

STRESS can have adverse consequences to the body, mind and soul, especially chronic stress. This can show up as anxiety, low energy and mood, and even chronic physical pain. Do you have emotional healing that you've needed to do for years, but have not known how or where to start?


The focus of my practice is helping individuals, couples, and  families heal and overcome challenges including. . .

- chronic loneliness
- conflict with your significant other
- codependent behavior
- problems with peer relationships
- emotional dysregulation due to STRESS
- coping with job loss or financial hardship
- a family member struggling with illness or addiction
- lack of healthy boundaries
​- compassion fatigue or burnout
- grieving the loss of a loved one
​- mind/body based chronic pain


​If you desire a confidential and supportive environment to work through your challenges, I encourage you to take one new step today. . . 


Simply send an email to me at: maria@healing-pathways-counseling.com and leave a message. I will get back to you and we can set up a time to talk and see if we are a good fit! The initial call with me is free. 

Warm regards, and thank you for stopping by!


Maria T. McCoy, M.A. Clinical Psychology

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #102860


"Anything that is 'wrong' with you started as a coping mechanism in childhood. 
- Dr. Gabor Mate